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About Ghazale Adampour

Ghazale Adampour received her BA in Educational Sciences (Pedagogy) from Allameh Tabatabei University in Tehran-Iran. She received her MA in Vedic Studies from Tesla University and was awarded the title of Children’s Yoga Grandmaster by the world’s oldest yoga Alliance institute in India.

She has set up Viveka Yoga Academy under the supervision of Yoga Alliance and has been organizing courses and workshops for teachers to enhance their knowledge, with an official
certificate from Yoga Alliance and in association with many credible international universities. Her involvement with children’s education began in 2009

A graduate of Bihar Yoga Bharati, she has also completed yoga instructor courses at Satyananda Ashram (Rikhiapeeth), Swami Vivekananda Yoga University in India and Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training Institute in Australia. She has also studied at Tehran Public Sports Federation. Since 2019, she has been organizing courses and workshops for children’s yoga instructors, as
well as book clubs for parents and teachers. You can access reports of some of her activities by referring to the work records and educational videos on the website, as well as the Aparat and
YouTube channels.
Some of her activities in the field of children’s education include teaching in schools, kindergartens and institutions such as Nikrah )Iran-Bihar) Institute, Badr Institute, Children’s
Research Institute (Koodakan e Donya institute), Nature Schools, Sarzamin-e-Ghese-hayekoodaki Institute, Avand Institute, Viveka Yoga Academy etc. . The pictures of some of the classes can be seen in its dedicated section on the website.

Her activities include teaching astronomy, swimming and yoga to children. Since 2013, she has produced educational content for the children’s section of Aseman Nama magazine, and since
2019, she has produced content for teaching yoga to children for Nabat magazine and Danesh Yoga Monthly magazine.
The design and production of the educational multimedia “Meet the Family of Sun and her
children”, designed to introduce children to the solar system, was one of Ms Adampour’s experiences in designing educational products for children.

The translation of the book “Yoga for Children” is her first attempt to translate the works of the University of Bihar. A collection of articles on yoga for children is also being compiled with the efforts of a group of children’s yoga activists under the supervision of the World Children’s Research Institute.



Wear a comfortable dress that they like.

It is preferable not to wear skirts and jeans (pants with zippers and buttons) to make it easier to perform different movements.

Normally not. However, it is necessary to bring a yoga mat for some classes. Please check with the Registrar before finalising your child’s enrolment to be sure.

For some sessions it is necessary to bring coloured pencils or tools for various crafts, you will be informed in advance.

Generally no. However, in order to take some of the more advanced classes, your child or teenager may be offered a pre-requisite of offline classes, which you can register for through the website.

Online course for children: 6-10 students

Online course for teenagers: 6-12 students

In-person classes for children and teens (depending on classroom space and age group): 6 to 15 students

Unfortunately, due to the limited number of students in each class, if your child or teenager is absent for any reason, there will be no make-up sessions or refunds.

If you have been notified of the enrolment date in advance and you have not enrolled by that date, there is a possibility that the class will be full, in which case it will definitely not be possible to join the class from the middle of the term.

We will accept your child or teenager if you receive the class information from the middle of the term and the desired class still has capacity.

How to join online classes …

If your child needs support and guidance to participate in the class and use the laptop, be sure to be available, as the responsibility for technical support of the class and ensuring the functioning of the device and the Internet is the responsibility of the family.

If the child works independently when connecting to the virtual classroom, there is no need for the parent to be present and it is only necessary to give the child a personal space.

For classes held in the Google Meet space, a link will be sent to you and you will be connected directly to the class. In some cases, you will need to have Gmail.

For classes where you will receive a Skype link, you will need to join the Skype class group. At the scheduled time of the class, if your device is connected to the internet, it will ring for you.

In online classes, the cameras of the students and the teacher are on.

The instructor’s microphone is on during the class, but the students’ microphone is on only when they speak, and after they finish speaking, they turn off their microphone so that the noise of everyone’s home does not disturb the class.

Unfortunately, your child’s or teenager’s absence from the virtual classroom will result in the session being missed, just as with the in-person classroom.

If your class is on Skype and you have announced your absence in advance, it is possible to record the session.

Students who have been with us for at least two semesters:

If they announce their absence in advance, they will have the opportunity to attend one make-up class out of every 8 sessions. (*only if the day and time of other classes with capacity are available)